Water & Sewer Availability

Request for Water and/or Sewer Availability

The following items shall be included with a water and/or sewer availability request:
  • Project Name, type and preliminary plan (if possible)
  • Project location map with tax map, parcel number and existing zoning
  • The plan shall include existing water and sewer lines near the site
  • Anticipated sewage flows in Single Family Unit Equivalents SFUEs
  • Anticipated water meter size, for the intended use
Submit this written request with all of the previous items addressed.

Apply to:
Regina Santana
Engineering Director - Development
City of Lebanon
200 Castle Heights Avenue North
Suite 300
Lebanon, TN 37087

For more information contact:
City Engineer - Engineering Department
200 N. Castle Heights Avenue
Suite 300
Lebanon, TN 37087
Phone: 615-444-3647

Project Engineer - Public Works Department
410 Park Drive
Lebanon, TN 37087
Phone: 615-444-0825