1. Airport

    The Lebanon Municipal Airport accommodates and services a wide variety of commercial and private aircraft, with a 5,000 foot runway and several modern T-hangers and corporate hangers. The airport provides fuel and maintenance services, and rental car services are available.

  2. Building Inspection

    The City of Lebanon Building Inspection Department receives applications for building permits for properties within the corporate boundaries of the City of Lebanon.

  3. Codes/Property Management

    Review all the City ordinances and their violations so you can keep Lebanon safe and beautiful.

  4. Economic Development

    Contact the Economic Development department for questions regarding new business growth in the City of Lebanon.

  5. Engineering

    The Engineering Department is dedicated to providing professional engineering services and public infrastructure management for the City of Lebanon.

  6. Fire Department

  7. Finance Department

    The Finance Department is responsible for managing all the financial affairs and all public records for the City of Lebanon.

  8. Gas Department

    Discover rates, utility options, and safety tips.

  9. Gasification Initiative

  10. GIS Department

    GIS has become a vital tool for many departments throughout the City of Lebanon. The system can store, analyze, and display spatial data in a way that identifies problems or patterns, supports decision-making, increases accessibility of data, and improves the ability to report information.

  11. Human Resources

    Apply for a job with the City of Lebanon.

  12. Jimmy Floyd Family Center

  13. Legal Department

    View contact information and responsibilities of the Legal department.

  14. Payroll

  15. Planning Department

    The Planning Department is responsible for long-range and current planning for the City of Lebanon and its Urban Growth Boundary.

  16. Police Department

    Police Department

  17. Public Safety

    Contact the various division of public safety - animal control, codes enforcement, fire and police departments - with any and all safety concerns.

  18. Public Works

    The Public Works Department is responsible for overseeing and regulating cemeteries, mosquito control, sanitation, streets and warehouses.

  19. Recreation Department

    The mission of the City of Lebanon Recreation Department is to create high quality recreational experiences by providing clean, safe, and well-maintained leisure facilities and programs for the citizens of the City of Lebanon.

  20. Senior Citizens

    Our Senior Citizens Center has fun and educational activities including Bingo, Trips, and healthy meals.

  21. Stormwater

    Please help us keep the rivers and streams clean. We provided materials and information about pollution, illegal discharge, and who to contact.

  22. Utilities

    The City of Lebanon has Sewer, Water and a Wastewater Treatment plant.