Recreation Department

Don Fox Park
Trail Remains Open
Shelters/Pavilions are open as June 1, 2020
Bathrooms are open as June 1, 2020
Playgrounds remain closed.
Fitness area remains closed.

South Hartmann Park
Trail Remains Open
Playground remains closed.

Baird Park
Fields still being repaired from Tornado Damage
We hope to open 3 baseball fields by next week for Lebanon Youth Baseball
practice depending on insurance release.|
We hope to open 3 softball fields for Lebanon Girls Softball Association by June 15th for practice.

Soccer Complex
Wilson United canceled their Spring Season.

The mission of the City of Lebanon Recreation Department is to create high quality recreational experiences by providing clean, safe, and well-maintained leisure facilities and programs for the citizens of the City of Lebanon. The City of Lebanon Recreation Department is committed to providing its residents with a comprehensive parks system, various athletic programs for all ages, and numerous recreational events and activities. These parks, programs, and activities are offered in hopes of improving the quality of life and physical and mental well being of our citizens.

The Recreation Department staff is flexible, dedicated, and customer-focused. The staff continuously evaluates and assesses our programs in order to ensure quality, safety, and that the programs are meeting the needs of the community. Currently, the department operates with a staff of eight full-time employees, four part-time employees, and six part-time employees added during the spring and summer months for a total of ten part-time employees.

The Recreation Department also has the task of providing leisure-oriented programs, special events held at the Don Fox Community Park, and athletic programs such as Jr. Pro Football, Basketball, and T-ball. Presently, the City of Lebanon maintains six baseball fields, seven softball fields, three soccer fields, one football field, the Don Fox Community Park, the Buddy Maddox tennis courts, and the Harold Dean Greer Recreation Center.

Administrative Division
The mission of the Parks and Recreation Administrative Division is to coordinate the overall development, planning, and administration of our parks and recreational facilities in order to meet the recreational needs of this community. The Administrative Division is responsible for the overall supervision of the department. The functions of the department include: personnel management, purchasing, record keeping, budget review, bid documentation, coordination of registration for our sport programs, and park pavilion reservations and rentals. The goals of the administration are to provide accurate information and assistance to the public and to monitor all purchases made by the department within the terms of our budget.

Maintenance Division
The mission of the Park Maintenance Division is to fulfill all tasks related to the maintenance of all of our athletic turf fields, all of our equipment such as site furniture and playgrounds, and our recreational facilities including the Don Fox Community Park and the Harold Dean Greer Recreation Center. The Park Maintenance Division also assists in the designing and development of capital improvement projects in order to continuously improve the quality of our recreation programs and activities. The goal of this division is to continue to provide a safe, clean, and enjoyable environment for all of Lebanon’s park and recreation facilities.

We Take Pride in Our Services
All in all, the Recreation Department is committed to the highest level of services possible and to improving the quality of life for the residents of the City of Lebanon. The Recreation Department takes great responsibility in maintaining and improving the City of Lebanon's recreational facilities in order to meet the leisure needs of the community. The Recreation Department is a very important and growing part of the City of Lebanon, and its objective is to expand its abilities to provide meaningful and accessible recreational opportunities for all.