Beautification Commission


  • 12:00 PM
  • 4th Thursday of every month
  • Town Meeting Hall

Duties & Powers

The duties and powers of the commission shall be:
  • To study, investigate, develop, and carry out plans for improving the health, sanitation, safety, cleanliness, and aesthetic influences and values of the city by beautifying the streets, highways, alleys, lots, yards, and other similar places in the city
  • To aid in the prevention of fires, diseases, and other casualties by the removal and elimination of trash and other debris from the streets, highways, alleys, lots, yards, plots, and other similar places
  • To encourage the placing, planting, and preservation of trees, flowers, plants, shrubbery, and other objects of beauty and ornamentation in the city
  • To protect song birds and other wild fowl
  • To advise with and recommend plans to other agencies of the city for beautification of the city
  • To promote public interest in the general improvement of the appearance and aesthetics of the city.
Nothing herein shall be construed to abridge or change the powers and duties of the other commissions, departments, boards, and like agencies of the city.

The City of Lebanon Beautification Commission recently had new landscaping placed around the Farmer's Market on S. Maple St.  A new sign was placed on site as well which includes hours the area is open to the public.

The new revived appearance around the market was celebrated from 11:30am until 2:00pm with some local entertainers including:

The Joyful Noise Community choir made up of children of different cultures and ages from 8 to 14 years old  The Joyful Noise Community Choir kicked off the entertainment by singing several Christian songs. What a joy they were to all us!

The Joyful Noise Choir was followed by another local artist that many people here in Lebanon know, Mr. Michael Neal.  Michael won his first singing contest at age 14.  He not only sings but writes some of his songs.  Saturday, he entertained everyone with several old tunes that had everyone patting their foot. 

One of our local vendor's Mr. Bobby Walker, who was in the audience enjoying the music couldn't help but sing along during Michaels performances, so after Michael finished with his songs, we asked Bobby Walker to come up and join Michael Neal at the microphone and while they were unrehearsed and unprepared they sang together for one more good tune.  Following their Michael and Bobby's duo, another local entertainer, Mr. Cliff Edwards, a veteran who live in Wilson County, and who still works at Steve's and Sons here in Lebanon  played tunes on his "hand-saw", yep, a hand-saw.  He has been playing on his hand-saw since he was about 8 years old.  He played religious and patriotic songs, and then entertained the crowd with a tune on his harmonica.  The last and unexpected act was the son of one of the Vendors at the Farmer's Market, Evan Underwood.  Evan stepped up and closed out the live entertainment singing his heart out.  Evan is about 8 or 9 years and gave it his all, unrehearsed, and no music.  What a bright and personable young boy he is.  He was a joy and really talented.  Evan had been in charge of making sure all the visitors under the canopy got a ticket to have a chance at winning one of the Gift Baskets, and then handled drawing and calling out the winning numbers, like a pro!

The Vendor's at the Market, with Kim Underwood (Evan's Mom) leading the group organized and donated fresh produce and fruit, etc. and put together 7 gift baskets for the free drawings.  They were beautiful baskets of all sizes filled with all types of goodies.


The Vendors under the canopy  had decorated their area around and under the canopy at the Market with corn stalks, and pumpkins, and mums, etc.  It was beautiful!  What a big hearted GREAT GROUP OF PEOPLE.  Proud to call them our neighbors.

Saucy Dog was on site serving their great hot dogs, homemade pies (by Ms. Linda), and their "DELICIOUS" Homemade Ice Cream.  They also participated in the Basket Giveaways.  They place a gift card in each basket valid for a "free lunch".  THANK YOU FOR JOINING US AT THE EVENT!!!ba7

Please join us in supporting our Local Farmers ongoing.  It is important that we keep this area of our community alive and active.  We do not want to ever forget how fortunate we are to have a Local Farmer's Market. 

What is more important than surviving.  We have to have food to survive!  These farmer's bring us their fresh produce, etc. so we have a chance to buy it fresh locally grown.   Why would we buy food that has been mass produced and shipped hundreds of miles, when it is grown and produced right here in our own community. BA1

The short period of time Local Farmers spend in retail helps to keep our dollars here locally and boosts our economy.  Most of the year they are working hard on their farms and in their fields preparing, planting, and collecting their retail goods to bring directly to us here, their neighbors at our Local Farmer's Market.

Farming goes back thousands of years.  Farming has always help to provide a way for people to be self-sufficient.  And still today local farming is important because it continues to provide us foods such as fresh produce, fruit, cheese, milk, meat, etc., and allows these hard working local farmers to be self-sufficient business people.  Another important asset our Local Farmer's provide for us is the care of the land.  They know how to protect it from be over used, while still providing us fresh items at our Local Market.

DON"T FORGET to "Support our Local Farmers", and it's a great way to socialize, meet our neighbors, make new friends, and if you want to find out the secrets of canning or preparing certain dishes, you will be at the right place, because these folks not only know how to grow it, they know how cook it.

Look for upcoming events in the near future spotlighting our Farmer's Market!  THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT TO OUR FARMERS!

Patsy Anderson – Chairman
Codes - City of Lebanon
200 North Castle Heights Ave.
615-444-3647 ext 2309
Cell 615-335-7446

Pam Black - Co-Chairmain
Home Phone: 615-547-7166
Cell Phone: 615-477-8512
2212 Cartel Drive
Lebanon, TN 37087

Beulah Garrett
Phone: 615-449-4816
Appointed December '16 by Mayor Ash
Mailing Address
2222 Ewing Drive Lebanon,TN 37087

Annette Stafford
Phone 615-449-2473
Appointed by Mayor Ash
607 C L Manier Street

John McFadden
Phone 615-330-5364
Appointed by Mayor Ash
923 Sullivan Bend Road
Mt. Juliet, TN 37122

Tommy Halbert

Phone 615-613-6519
Appointed by Mayor Ash

Johnie Payton
Phone 615-547-9378
406 Leeville Pike
Lebanon, TN 37087
Robert Springer, Treasurer
Phone 615-443-2839 ext. 2105
City of Lebanon
200 North Castle Heights Ave.
Lebanon, TN 37087

Jaci Diebner, Secretary
City of Lebanon
200 North Castle Heights Ave.
Lebanon, TN 37087

Liana Dranes Ex - Officio
Stormwater Coordinator -  City of Lebanon
200 North Castle Heights Ave,
615-444-3647 ext. 2310

Eddie Thompson Ex- Officio
Codes Officer -  City of Lebanon
200 North Castle Heights Ave
615-444-3647 ext. 2329

Rhonda Hubner -  Beautification Projects Ex - Officio

Maintenance - City of Lebanon
410 Park Avenue

The Commission is divided into (2) Sub-Committees.  The Sub-Committees each have their own “focus”, but at the same time will cross over in working together to better the City.  Below listed are the (2) sub-committees and some ongoing projects identified.

Environmental Sub-Committee:  Chairman, Pam Black

(2)    Planting of Trees, Rain Gardens/Butterfly Gardens
(3)    Clean-up of Creeks, Streams, and areas throughout the City
(4)    Assist with Educational projects regarding How to Protect our
Environment, etc.

Beautification/Enhancement of the City, Chairman Patsy Anderson

(1)     Beautify and Enhancement of various
areas throughout the City with landscaping, etc.

(2)    Projects involving littering of the City, including
cigarette debris, bottles, paper, etc.

(3)    Specific identified areas for beautification and enhancement as well as focusing on solutions of littering such as Public Square, Historic Cabin area,Farmer’s Market and all surrounding areas of the
square such as parking lots, alleys, etc.

(4)    Projects recognizing Businesses and Individuals for efforts to beautify and enhance their properties with presentations of Certificates, and Temporary signs placed at properties for 30 days to not only recognize the winners,but to encourage others to take interest and pride in the
beautification and enhancement of their properties.


If you have an interest in enhancing and beautifying our City or may be interested in more in environmental projects, the Beautification commission welcomes you!
If you are interested in helping with some of the Beautification Projects, please contact:
Patsy Anderson 615-444-3647 ext. 2309 or Pam Black 615-477-8512

Thank you, hope to hear from you!