Senior Citizens Center

The center will be closed September 14th & 15th

The addition to our building is coming right along and we are getting excited about our much-needed additional space. If you haven't stopped by the Center lately, we have already taken down some walls and added space to our dining room. It will be necessary for the center to be closed September 14th and 15th so that the construction crew can be in the building without putting anyone at risk of injury.

August Donations

Building Fund - Amada Hasty, Ann Sloan (in memory of Ann Beck), Betty R. Kemp

Regular - JoAnne Ramey, Maureen Mandato, Betty R. Kemp, Shirley Strong, Mrs. Steve Ray, Alvin & Edith Brewington, Cheryl & Ralph Bean, Stella & Glenn Johnson, James Sharon, Esther Alsup, Bonnie Henderson, Frank & Sandra Hartley, Carolyn Kiteley, Linda & Wayne Howell, Wayne Keathley

Give65 - Bill & Janice Whitaker, Randy & Angela Hankins, Loreal Stephens, Lisa Rosser, Ann Sloan, Ray Pope, Lori Hutton, Albert & Evelyn Cason, Joe Banks, Barbara Spear, Kim Lacy, Paul Catt & Linda Etheredge, Betty Fleming, Yvonne Garrett, Jean Carver, Maggie Lea, Janis Black, Rubye Guethlein, Nancy Guethlein, Elaine Gipple, Judy Morris, Peggy Bay, David "Bucky" Hesson