Comprehensive Plan Task Force Committee

Appointed Appointed by
James McDavid
  9/17 Councilor Joey Carmack Ward 1
Barry Owens

Councilor Fred Burton Ward 2
Dave Dixon

5/17 Councilor Rob Cesternino Ward 3
Cheryl Bockstruck

7/17 Councilor Chris Crowell Ward 4
T.A. Bryan

5/17 Councilor Tick Bryan Ward 5
Alex Kellett

5/17 Councilor Rick Bell Ward 6
Martin Frost

5/17 Mayor Bernie Ash
Sherri O. Green

5/17 Mayor Bernie Ash


The City of Lebanon is seeking the services of a consultant firm/team with city planning and economic development experience to develop a Comprehensive Plan.

Please see the RFQ here.

Comprehensive Plans of Comparable Cities

Comparable Cities and Counties in Tennessee


Background Information

The Comprehensive Plan Committee was created as a Task Force to produce a Comprehensive Plan with the information gathered from the Vision Committee. The membership thereof shall be a total of eight members, one member from each of the six (6) wards as appointed per the respective Councilperson, and two (2) members shall be appointed by the Mayor. Resolution 17-2078