Beer Permits

Beer Permits

If you plan on selling beer inside the City Limits of Lebanon, you will need to apply for a City of Lebanon Beer Permit. We have the following beer permit options available: On-Premises, Off-Premises, Catering, Dual Premises (On & Off Premises), and a Manufacturing Permit. 

You may obtain a copy of the Beer Permit Application on the Business Tax Division page under “Quick Links”, or you can pick up an application at the Business Tax Office. There is a $279 non-refundable application fee for On Premises, Off-Premises, Catering, and Manufacturing Permits. There is a $529 non-refundable application fee for Dual Permits. We only accept cash or check for Beer Permit Payments. Applicants will need to apply for a beer permit well in advance before they open or buy a business. This process can take up to a month. We also have to publish the Beer Board Notice in the local newspaper at least 10 days before the Beer Board Meeting. 

To apply for a beer permit, you are required to have an active City of Lebanon Business License and Driver’s License/Photo ID.

Once you have applied for a beer permit, you will need to set up a time with Guaranty Research Services Inc. located at 1020 North Castle Heights Avenue, to have your fingerprints processed. The steps for this process are on the Beer Permit Application, that will have the ORI number, phone number, and hours of operation for Guaranty Research Services Inc.

LPD will run a background check and the Building Inspection Department will need to approve your location. Once these are both approved, you will be scheduled to go before the Beer Board. The City of Lebanon Beer Board meets the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 4:00pm at City Hall.

There is an annual Beer Privilege Tax of $100 and it is due by January 31st. For more information regarding the Beer Board or Beer Permits, please contact Brittany McDaniel at 615-444-4905.


Special Event Beer Permits

Special Event Beer Permits allows the temporary sale of beer shall be limited to (2) such permits in a calendar year for any applicant and shall be issued in the discretion of the Lebanon Beer Board after consideration of any issue of public safety, including, but not limited to, traffic, security, ability of the applicant to abide by all City & State alcohol laws, and crowd control. (16-5190, a)

Shall not exceed 30 days duration and are subject to the limitations on the days and hours of sale imposed by law. Beer should not be distributed or sold in glass containers for any event issued a special event beer permit for public property.

Special Beer Permits are $100, and we only accept cash or check.

To apply for the Special Event Beer Permit you must fill out the Beer Permit Application along with the Special Event Beer Permit Application. In addition to the applications, the applicant must provide documentation to the Beer Board of their plan to handle traffic, security, to abide by all City and State alcohol laws, and crowd control. The applicant will also need to provide a sketch showing the Beer Board how they plan to barricade the designated area with providing where the entrance and exits are. This is to prevent people from walking out with an open beer container. The process is the same as obtaining a Beer Permit and applicants are required to attend the Beer Board Meeting.

For more information, please contact the Business Tax Office at 615-444-4905.