Parklet Day aka PARK(ing) Day

Parklet Day Flyer

Welcome to the City of Lebanon’s PARK(ing) Day page.

Here you will find information and updates regarding the day we are calling Parklet Day

Our first ever Parklet Day will be held on Saturday, September 21, 2019 from 9:00 AM until 2:00 PM. On that day, community members, Historic Lebanon, and City of Lebanon Planning Staff will be using artistic inspirations to create parklets to educate each other, to contribute our ideas, and to express our needs for the City. These parklets will be a part of the overall Guiding Principles that the City is creating for the Comprehensive Plan and the betterment of the community.  In addition to the Parklets, there will be a block party with food trucks, music, and vendors.

Parklet Day Festivities Map

What is a parklet? 

A parklet is a small area, about the size of a parking space, where citizens, artists, merchants, and city staff will temporarily transform areas to demonstrate how urban design attracts more sidewalk activity and people-oriented spaces. This year, the historic downtown area will be the focus of our Parklet Day.


How do you participate as a citizen?
We want you to come on out and be verbal, give your ideas, and participate, participate, participate!

How do you participate as an artist, business, or a group?
We want you to be creative and share your visions. Please see the guide to creating your parklet.

Parklet Day Guide to Creating Your Parklet 

Parklet Day Application for a Parklet

Parklet Area Map

All completed Parklet Day applications can be emailed or in person to Kathleen Vail, third floor of City Hall, 200 N Castle Heights Avenue

How do you participate as a vendor?
This is a wonderful opportunity to sell your products. We will be closing a part of Gay Street and the area around it to open it up to food trucks and vendors for the big event. The vendor fee will only be $25.00. Please fill out the application or contact us.Vendor Flyer Opens in new window

Parklet Day Vendor Information

Parklet Day Vendor Application

Vendor Area Map

All completed Vendor Applications can be returned by email to or in person to Kathleen Vail, third floor of City Hall, 200 N Castle Heights Avenue with cash or a check written out to the Historic Lebanon.


  • Kim Parks - Historic Lebanon at 615-547-9795 
  • Sarah Haston - Economic Developer at 615-443-2839 
  • Kathleen Vail - City of Planning Department at 615-444-3647.or email

Historic Lebanon Logo
Where are the events located for PARK(ing) Day?

Map of events and vendors locations coming soon!  

What are the Guiding Principles for the Comprehensive Plan for the City?

Promote Mixed-Use Activity Centers to strengthen and encourage the development of activity centers within walking distance of residential neighborhoods.

Build City Character & Identity to coordinate building architecture, site design, and streetscape improvements to reinforce a distinct brand or image unique to the City of Lebanon.

Emphasize Housing Choice & Diversity to provide a range of housing choices to accommodate a diverse range of residents at all stages of life, including young adults, families, empty nesters, retirees, seniors, and at varying income levels.

Grow the Economy to promote a healthy and sustainable business environment by investing actively in efficient infrastructure, providing favorable incentives, and building a community that is attractive to employers and their workers with a high quality of life.

Promote Transportation Choice & Mobility to provide a safe, reliable, and integrated transportation system that balances all modes of transportation, including walking, biking, public transit, and motor vehicles.

Feature All Things Green & Healthy to encourage land use decisions that avoid or minimize negative health impacts, and improve opportunities for Lebanon residents to lead healthy, active lives

The Metropolitan Planning Council in Chicago concluded that People Spots "can be a powerful economic tool for neighborhood businesses.” Here is an excerpt from that story.

1. More Foot Traffic. About 80 percent of the businesses near a People Spot experienced more foot traffic, according to the observations and interviews. 

2. More Attention. People Spots also generated some unexpected word-of-mouth advertising for retailers. 

3. More Spending. And then there's the bottom line. About a third of the visitors said they made "unplanned food or beverage purchases," according to MPC. Some of the businesses themselves reported an increase in sales between 10 and 20 percent.

To find out more, please read the complete article.

Historic Lebanon setting up comfortable inflatable chairs for a rest spot.

World Classic Martial Arts Parklet Studio

The Zen Garden Parklet was filled with pillows, plants, a sand pool, and a shoji screen for shade.

Historic Lebanon Parklet

Mayor Bernie Ash enjoying the putting green.

Catherine's Orchestra for All Parklet

Close up of the traveling piano with painted fun images of lebanon buildings.

Planning Department Parklet

Woman posing after setting up the VW Microbus Photo Opportunity Board

Bloom Yoga Parklet

People streching and doing yoga in the Bloom Yoga Parklet.

Split Bean Roasting Company Parklet

Coffee sack races and other games were provided on a table covered with coffee sacks.

Stormwater Parklet

Participants playing a game of KUBB.