Planning Department Reports

Planning Division –Third Quarter Report for 2023


The Planning Staff has reviewed development projects in the city and the regional planning portion of the County and enacted other planning duties, including:


  1. Provided twenty-four (24) zoning letters
  2. Reviewed eighteen (18) rezoning requests
  3. Attended three (3) Planning Commission Meetings as well as provided information, maps, plats, and plans for upcoming developer’s projects
  4. Reviewed eight (8) Future Land Use Plan amendments
  5. Reviewed zero (0) annexation requests
  6. Reviewed fourteen (14) subdivision plats
  7. Reviewed fifteen (15) major site plans
  8. Reviewed seven (7) Minor site plans and thirteen (13) Minor final plats
  9. Revised the City of Lebanon’s website for calendars, presentations, agendas, meetings, and documents
  10. Held two (2) meeting for the Historic Preservation Commission
  11. Wrote thirty-one (31) ordinances/resolutions for City Council meetings
  12. Reviewed nine (9) Certificates of Appropriateness
  13. Held four (4) meeting for the Board of Zoning Appeals
  14. Reviewed nine (9) Board of Zoning Appeals requests
  15. Represented Lebanon on the Nashville Area Metropolitan Planning Organization’s Technical Coordinating Committee
  16. Passed five (5) Zoning Code Ordinance updates
  17. Represented the City at Historic Lebanon Meetings
  18. Presented planning work sessions reports for City Council
  19. Held one (1) Zoning Committee Meetings
  20. Held one (1) Residential Development Subcommittee meetings
  21. Coordinated information to the Project Review Team
  22. Represented Lebanon at the Greater Nashville Regional Council Business Meeting
  23. Sent citizen notification letters for rezoning and annexations
  24. Staffed City Council meetings
  25. Held three (3) SP and Annexations Subcommittee meetings
  26. Worked with Consultants for editing the Historic Guidelines
  27. Held Mayors meetings for Planning projects
  28. Started process for the Special Census
  29. Provided information for developer’s pre-application meetings
  30. Placed Rezoning, Board of Zoning Appeals, and Annexation signs for citizen notification
  31. Worked to develop and schedule Training Sessions for the commissioners
  32. Administered Planning Projects on IDT for Developers
  33. Hired Special Census Team Leader
  34. Handled two (2) Zoning Violation cases
  35. Scheduled four (4) Violations for City Court
  36. Handled seven (7) Site Plan Requirements/Violations
  37. Approved one hundred and two (102) business licenses
  38. Handled six (6) Fence Violations
  39. Handled four (4) Outdoor Pool Violations
  40. Held one (1) Chancellor Court case
  41. Investigated four (4) Violations of Use of Campers
  42. Hired Special Census Administrator 
  43. Sign Enforcement Officer began to implement the new Sign Code

The Planning Department will always strive to be transparent and are willing to answer any of your questions regarding projects being built in the City 

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