Where can I find parcel information for my property?
The City of Lebanon has an online interactive GIS mapping system. Click on the link below to access the mapping system. This system allows you to search by owner name, property address or Tax ID number. You can also use the tool bar across the top to zoom into a particular parcel and identify the parcel for detailed information.

When the screen opens the following four tabs are shown on the left hand side:

- Map Layers
- Search for Property
- Property Details
- Quick Zoom

The Search for Property allows you to search by the following information using the drop down box:

- Owner name
- Property Address
- Tax ID number

Once a specific parcel has been selected the system provides detailed information related to that parcel on the left hand side of the screen. The information located there includes:

- Zoning
- Council representative
- Mosquito spraying day (when applicable)
- Chipper service day
- Trash pick-up day

Additional property information can be found by clicking "Click here for additional property information," which links to the property assessors information.
Wilson County GIS page

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