What is the process for subdividing my property?
There are two types of subdivision plats: Preliminary Plat and Final Plat. A Preliminary Plat is required for the subdivision of property into five lots or more. A Final Plat is either for less than four lots or is a phase of a Preliminary Plat. All Preliminary and Final Plats are valid for two years after approval by the Planning Commission, which is generally a 30 day process. Once you are ready to record the lots in a Preliminary Plat, you must submit a Final Plat.

The City of Lebanon is operating under an agreed order with the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation. The agreed order is referred to as our Sewer Capacity Management Plan. As part of this agreed order, the City is improving our wastewater system. In compliance with the Sewer Capacity Management Plan, no individual subdivision shall be approved for sewer connections of more than 15% of the current available capacity. Fore residential subdivisions this equates to approximately twenty residential lots for a single subdivision per month.

If public utilities are being dedicated as part of the Final Plat, Construction Documents shall be submitted to the Engineering Department.

Preliminary Plat and Final Plat applications and checklists can be found on the Applications, Bonds and Fees page of the Planning Department's pages of the website.

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