City Hall
200 North Castle Heights Ave.
Lebanon, Tennessee 37087
Contact Us
Phone - 615-443-2839
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Planning Department Maps

Planning Department
200 North Castle Heights Ave. Suite 300
Lebanon, TN 37087
Phone: (615) 444-3647
Fax: (615) 444-1515
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Interactive Map of Lebanon
GIS Links

For details concerning zoning and an interactive map of zoning areas click here

To access City of Lebanon GIS interactive mapping site click here
Online FEMA 2008 maps for the City click here

The following table contains a list of maps and a brief description of each by clicking on the name of the map you can open a pdf file for viewing, printing or downloading. Be aware that some of these file are very large and will require a significant amount of time to download if you have a dialup connection.

Available Maps
Council Wards Map Council Map by wards
Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan Proposed Bike Lanes & Bike Routes-Lebanon
Growth Management Plan Areas of Growth-Lebanon & Wilson Co. Dated August 2000
Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan Existing & Proposed Sidewalks for Lebanon
Future Land Use Newly Adopted Land Use Plan
FIRM/FEMA 2008 Adopted Flood Insurance Rate Map
Official City Street Map City Streets with Labels and Index
Zoning Map Zoning Districts Within the City of Lebanon
Subdivision Map Showing Existing and New Subdivisions
Chipper Service Service by Zones
Water Districts Shows General Divides of Water Districts
Major Thoroughfare Plan Thoroughfare Planned Projects
Sanitation Pick-Up Schedule of Pick-Up Showing Day of Week
City Annexations Map shows ordinance number and area of annexations
Snow Route Map shows primary and secondary snow routes throughout the city

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