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City of Lebanon Gas Department

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ural Gas Furnace
Heats room quickly, delivering toasty warmth, even on the coldest days it breezes 120 to 125 degree air from room registers. The typical setup: A gas furnace matched with a cool-only central electric air conditioner. These type systems last a long time: the gas furnace only labors in the winter, the electric air conditioner only labors in summer and each lasts up to twice as long as an electric heat pump that labors year-round.

gaslogs  Vented Fire Logs (beauty logs)
 Produces warm yellow flames and the soothing glow of a wood fire. Efficiency is good compared to a wood fire -- 47% - 60% for vented fire logs vs. 23% for wood - but not as good as unvented fire logs. If you want to gather the family around the fireplace for popcorn and Scrabble, this is probably the way to go. Vented fire logs provide heat, but not so much that you're driven back from the hearth. Unvented Fire Logs (heating logs) And woodstove-style gas heaters are 99+% efficient. Virtually all the heat produced goes into the house; almost none excapes up the chimney. Unvented gas fire logs typically range in size from 20,000 to 40,000 BTU's heat output per hour.

Gas Ranges & Ovens - Why?
  • Flames heat pans uniformly: heat starts and stops fast.
  •  Experienced chefs learn to gauge exact heat levels by sighting the height and shape of burner flames.
  • Gas range tops are particularly well suited to canning and specialty cooking with woks.
  • A gas oven provides extremely accurate temperature control. Plus or minus 1/2 degree.
  • In a gas oven the air is moist. For that reason gas is especially preferred for baking breads and pastries.
  • Operating a gas range costs about 30% less than an electric range.

Gas Outdoor
Along a patio, yard or driveway, gas outdoor lights create a romantic, old-time ambiance. Gas lights with quad burners produce illumination equivalent to a 100 watt electric bulb. The amber glow of a gas light creates soft shadows and doesn't attract insects.

Naural Gas Water Heaters
Heats fast and lasts a long time. The THIRD shower is hot. A 40-gallon gas water heater provides as much hot water as a 65-70 gallon electric water heater. That's something to think about in a new home if you're considering oversized tub options--Better get a gas water heater if you want to fill it.

Gas Clothes Dryers

Clothes dry faster with gas but the heat isn't bone dry, it has some moisture. Clothes smell fresher and feel softer. Operates for about 30% less cost than an electric clothes dryer.

 Gas Pool and Spa Heaters
Extend your swimming season with a gas pool heater! Accurate temperature controls prevent overheating and wasted energy. Recent improvements include automatic ignition and thermal efficiencies of 75% or higher (Note if you are considering heating your pool, be aware the cost can be high, sometimes in the range of $300 - $400 a month). 
Gas Outdoor Grills
Rediscover outdoor cooking with a natural gas grill and reduce your summer air conditioning cost! Gas grills are fast, easy and economical. Cleaning is simple: Turn on high for a few minutes, turn off and scrape. Gas fuel cost per cookout is less than one-fourth (1/4) the cost of using charcoal.