Due to a change in Charter Communication's policy, they will not broadcast our City Council meeting, or any other content from the City of Lebanon.  You may contact Charter Government Liason Nick Paulis at 865-273-2712 to express your dissatisfaction with the change.


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Current Natural Gas Rates

City of Lebanon Gas Department


Current Natural Gas Rates

Inside City

Outside city

Residential (G-1)

$5.00  Customer Charge Plus

0-1000 cu. Ft. $9.07 $10.67
Over 1000 cu. Ft $9.29 $10.93

Commercial (G-2)

$20.00 Customer Charge Plus

First 10 Mcf

$10.19 $12.05
Over 10 Mcf $8.91 $10.46

Large Industrial (G-3)

$100.00 Customer Charge Plus

First 100 Mcf $9.34 $10.99
Over 100 Mcf $8.41 $9.93