Enjoy The Benefits of Natural Gas Appliances 

Whether it’s the endless hot water and savings of a natural gas tankless water heater, or the gourmet-quality cooking precision of a natural gas stove, natural gas appliances provide the ultimate in energy-efficiency, comfort and reliability. No wonder 84% of homebuyers prefer natural gas appliances!

Tankless Water Heater

A whole new way to think about water heating- tankless units provide comfort, energy efficiency and convenience.

  • Provide endless hot water

  • Up to 50% in water heating energy savings

  • Boast a lifespan of 20+ years

  • Environmentally friendly

Natural gas is the smart choice for heating water and conserving energy—

  • Provide twice the hot water in half the time— at about a third of the cost of non-gas water heaters

  • Cost less to purchase than tankless models

  • Stay on when the power goes out

Tank Water Heater

  • Provide up to 25% warmer heat than non-gas furnaces

  • Improve air quality while eliminating drafts

  • Keep up with the lowest temperatures

  • Are up to 95% efficient

With a natural gas fireplace, you can enjoy every bit of the ambience of a traditional fireplace- minus the sweat work.

  • Skip the chopping, hauling and clean up of wood
  • Turn on flames with the touch of a button
  • Can be installed almost anywhere in your home
  • Costs pennies an hour and emits far less pollutants
  • Enhance room decor
  • Provide space heating

fireplace 2
Clothes Dryer

  • Dry clothes nearly twice as fast as non-gas clothes dryers
  • Provide moist natural gas heat, which is gentler on clothes
  • Reduce wrinkles and prevent clothes from ‘over-cooking’

  • Provide gourmet-quality cooking precision, even heat & instant on/off
  • Are preferred by more than 9-out-of-10 chefs
  • Cost up to half as much to operate as non-gas ranges
  • Stay on when the power goes out

Outdoor grill

  • Provide instant on/off, which enables grilling without the wait
  • Eliminate the need to fill tanks, buy charcoal and clean up ashes
  • Provide a nearly 100% reliable fuel supply and ensure uninterrupted grilling
  • Precise temperature control can turn any meal into a gourmet experience

If you have a pool or spa, don’t let a few cold months stop you from enjoying them.  Natural gas heats water in far less time, so you and your family will be swimming in warm water with great energy savings in no time at all.

  • Heats pools in hours and spas in minutes
  • Costs up to 2 ½ times less to operate
  • 2 to 4 times greater heating power than electric pump
  • Models are up to 97 percent energy efficient and warm the water twice as fast as non-gas heaters, according to the American Gas Association

Pool-Spa Heaters