The Purchasing Department is the central buying agency for the City. The activities of this department include processing requests for all materials, supplies, and equipment used by all city departments, for the proper conduct of the City's business. The Purchasing Agent manages and supervises these activities.

Contact Procedures
You should make this office your first point of con- tact with the City. We will be happy to review your products and provide information about individual departments should it become necessary for you to contact them. We value you as a vendor and hope you value us as a customer. I am hoping every effort will continue to enhance a good "buyer-supplier" relationship.

Bid List
A qualified Bidder's Application form is available for you to complete and return with products list and information. Upon receipt and review of this information, we will place your company on our active bid list. You should keep this office informed of any new product lines or changes made within your company, such as location or personnel.

Purchasing Process
Our objective is to obtain all purchases for the City through an active and equitable competitive process. The lowest and/or best bid is from the vendor who can furnish the product or service that meets our quality standards and delivery requirements.

Open market purchases under ($10,000) may be made either by fax machine or informal written quotations.

Purchases over ($10,000) are taken on sealed bids or proposals, after permission to purchase is granted by the City Council. Notices of upcoming bids are published in the "classified ad" section of the local newspaper.

Bid openings are public meetings and you are invited to attend. A tabulation of the bids will be furnished upon request at no charge. All bids must be submitted on the bid forms provided by the City and contain a handwritten signature in order to be valid. Telephone or facsimile responses to sealed bid solicitations will not be considered. Late bids will be returned unopened.

All bids must go before the City Council and pass 2 readings before issuance of a Purchase Order to the "awarding vendor."

Purchase Orders
All purchases must be preceded by an approved purchase order. You are cautioned not to accept verbal orders unless you are given a purchase order. Failure to receive proper authorization may result in the return of your product at your expense, or non-payment.

The city may use an "Expedite Purchase Order." The purchase order number must appear on all correspondence, including your delivery slip and invoice. This will allow our thirty (30) day payment schedule to flow without undue delay.

Procurement Card
City of Lebanon's Best Opportunity For Small Purchases
To meet the increasing demands to purchase small dollar items in a fast and efficient manner for City Staff, reduce cost of purchase orders and expedited purchase orders, and the necessity to operate with the same level of resources, the City of Lebanon implemented use of procurement (purchasing) cards to make small dollar purchases during 1997. To insure fast and efficient payment from the City of Lebanon, please ask for our Visa card number.

The city is exempt from Federal excise, State and City sales tax. Tax exemption certificates will be furnished upon request.

Non-Performance Policy
Failure of your company to meet stated delivery schedules, provide quality products as a result of a contract, or not responding to quotation or bid requests may result in removal from our active bid file or other penalties associated with non-performance.

Central Receiving
Our warehouse location is 410 park drive. All deliveries unless otherwise noted on the purchase order are received at this location. We are open weekdays from 7:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. Truckload shipments are received until 3:30 p.m. And small shipments are accepted until 5 p.m.


No official or employee of the city shall solicit, accept, or agree to accept, directly or indirectly, from any person, firm or corporation to whom any contract may be awarded, by rebate, gifts or otherwise, any promise, obligation, or contract for future awards or compensation.

Professional Affiliation
In order to keep abreast of the latest procurement techniques and product information, the City of Lebanon maintains an active membership in the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP) and Tennessee Association of Public Purchasing (TAPP).