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Document Description
Ordinance 09-3492 Reducing the per square foot fee for payment in lieu of sidewalk construction
Ordinance 09-3491 Corrects an oversight in a Sign Ordinance Amendment
Ordinance 09-3490 Allowing signs to face the Interstate in certain districts
Safe Routes to School 2008 Proposed grant addressing engineering, enforcement, education, encouragement and evaluation initiative in order to provide for safe walking and biking options for elementary age students. Awarded November of 2008.
Future Land Use Plan Update Policy tool for long-term growth, adopted in September of 2008.
Major Thoroughfare Plan Document outlining transportation needs and related improvements, adopted in September, 2008.
Corridor Land Use Study Conceptual Land Use Plan of the Highway 109 Corridor, adopted in February of 2002
Growth Management Plan-Tennessee General Assembly Public Chapter 1101 Document adopted in April of 2000 to address basic needs for the growing community.
Ordinance 08-3469 Operation Procedures for Electronic Signs
Flood Risk Management
Study for Bartons Creek Watershed Flood Risk
Ordinance 08-3457 Sign definition for Flashing and Animation
Ordinance 08-3396 No Electric Message Center Signs
Ordinance 07-3213 Sign Requirements Relative to Firewalls
Ordinance 07-3135 To Allow Freestanding Wall Signs
Lebanon Sign Regulations Regulations Governing the Display of Signs