Don Fox Park / Wading Pool


Park Overview

The Don Fox Community Park offers the community a host of amenities. The mission of the Don Fox Park is to enhance the quality of life in Lebanon by creating the environment and the opportunity to meet the diverse leisure needs of the residents of the city. The goal of the Don Fox Community Park is to maintain and develop a park that is attractive, safe, functional, and available to all segments of the population.


The City of Lebanon Recreation Department is responsible for keeping the park clean and well landscaped, maintaining its facilities and equipment, and renting and reinforcing its pavilion rentals. The Recreation Department also assists with all special events held at the Don Fox Community Park.


The Don Fox Park has four pavilions that can be rented out in four-hour blocks. Time frames for the pavilions are 8-12 noon, 1-5 in the afternoon, and 6-10 in the evening. It has one large pavilion that is 54-feet long and 27-feet wide that is rented out for $38.00 per time frame for citizens that reside in the Lebanon City limits, or $75.00 per time frame for those that live outside the City of Lebanon limits. It also has three smaller pavilions that are 36-feet long by 18-feet wide that are rented out for $30.00 per time frame for those that live inside the Lebanon City limits, or $60.00 per time frame for those that live outside the City of Lebanon limits. The pavilions are equipped with an electrical outlet, a grill, and at least eight picnic tables including a handicap-accessible table. There are also 61 other picnic tables throughout the rest of the park, along with about 17 other grills.

Wading Pool

The park also has a 60-foot wading pool for small children and their parents that is maintained by the Jimmy Floyd Family Life Center.  Also for the children, there are two larger playgrounds. One is a 25,000 square foot stockade playground, and the other is a 10,000 square foot playground that is handicap accessible. The park also has two large sand volleyball courts for people of all ages.


Another recreational opportunity offered by the Don Fox Community Park is the track that goes around the park and extends up to Hill Street. The track is 2.5 miles long, and it can be used for walking, bicycling, and skateboarding. There is also a smaller quarter-mile cinder track in the middle of the park for walking. The park also has a nine-station fitness center for those wanting a good workout or to stretch out before and after walking or jogging.

Enjoy Your Activities

The Don Fox Community Park is a very attractive and enjoyable part of our city that gives the people of our community the opportunity to participate in leisure activities in a safe and wholesome environment. The park makes accommodations for a variety of people of all ages, interests, and abilities. As the City of Lebanon continues to grow, the Recreation Department will strive to meet and exceed the expectations of the residents of this city in order to improve the quality of their lives and their physical and mental well-being.