This is an internal department that falls under the Commissioner of Public Works. The General Services Administrator supervises this department. It consists of two employees and a cargo van.

Following is a list of their duties.
  • Answer telephone for receptionist while at lunch, sick or on vacation.
  • Deliver mail (agendas, packets) to the council members and planning commission members
  • Deliver office supplies to all departments when needed.
  • Help Purchasing by running errands.
  • If additional pick-ups are needed, we also go back over the route again.
  • Maintain Gas Boy (machine that controls gas pumps) system
  • Maintain petty cash account.
  • Maintain storage units for surplus items.
  • Maintain the warehouse at Public Works.
  • Make keys for all employees.
  • Monitor fuel levels and reorders as needed.
  • Order and keep in stock for employees the coffee, cups, creamer, and sugar.
  • Order materials as needed for postage machine to operate properly.
  • Order supplies for all Public Works departments (paper towels, toilet paper, etc.)
  • Oversees electronic gate operations at Public Works Compound.
  • Pick up mail at the Post Office in the morning and take it to City Hall and separate the mail according to department then deliver it to those departments.
  • Run a weekly report for Gas Boy to send to the Accounting Department
  • Run monthly postage report for postage machine.
  • While at these locations we pick up mail that needs postage and return to our office and run it through the postage machine. This mail is taken to the Post Office twice a day.
  • Pick up and deliver inter office mail to and from all city offices- Gas Department and PSO Building, City Hall, Police Department, Recreation, Jimmy Floyd Center, Water Plant, Wastewater Plant, Codes Department and Cemetery, Airport, Public Works, Senior Citizens, Fire Hall