ADA Advisory Committee  


The ADA Advisory Task Force is a group of dedicated volunteers, working to identify areas in the City’s right-of-way where there might be a barrier for accessibility. The committee’s purpose is to identify various issues relating to pedestrian access to sidewalks and streets, including crosswalks, curb ramps, street furnishings, pedestrian signals, parking, and other components of public right -of-way and report them to the Sidewalk Committee. Immediate hazard issues will be reported directly to the Commissioner of Public Services.

The City of Lebanon has shown its commitment to accessibility by establishing the City of Lebanon ADA Sidewalk Maintenance Account. This account maintains and repairs sidewalks and curb ramps to make an accessible and usable community for as many people as possible regardless of age, ability, or circumstance. For more information about the committee or the meetings, please contact Kathleen Vail at 615.444.3647 Ext. 2320.

The City has also committed to improving existing sidewalks and constructing new sidewalks to create a more walkable community.

The ADA Advisory Task Force will also make recommendations regarding various programs, city buildings, properties, recreational facilities, etc.


The following shall be the duties and purposes of the Committee:

To meet quarterly, at a time and place convenient for a majority of the Task Force to attend.

To actively participate in the ADA Advisory Committee meetings, public information, and community involvement efforts.

To provide advice, recommendations to improve accessibility, and identify accessibility needs and issues to new and existing programs, services, and facilities as it relates to Title II of the ADA.

Serves in an advisory capacity to make recommendations to the Sidewalk, Bikes, and Trails Committee regarding needs of persons with disabilities.

To advise and assist the City in cooperating with other groups and agencies serving persons with disabilities.

To provide opportunities for the public to comment on alternatives and proposals related to accessibility improvements under consideration and disseminate information to all interested, affected, and/or concerned groups and citizens about plans or decisions related to the Committee’s work.

The Committee may consider any issue brought before it by the public that directly relates to issues of accessibility or the ADA may send inquiries, complaints and recommendations, in writing, to any appropriate City department in regard to or on behalf of persons with disabilities.

To seek out opportunities to discuss issues of accessibility with residents and familiarize themselves with the range of public opinion.

To familiarize themselves with the ADA and status of existing City and County programs, services, and facilities.

The Committee shall act in an advisory capacity only and shall have no adjudicatory or other independent authority.

The Committee shall have no authority to expend funds or to legally commit the City to any contractual or other legal obligations without the expressed written authorization of the City.


  • 11:00 AM
  • Quarterly
  • Town Meeting Hall

Next Scheduled Meeting

 Tentative - March 21, 2022

Agendas and Minutes

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  • Labruanya Horton, Chairman
  • Rick Bell, Mayor
  • Tick Bryan, City Councilor
  • Lynn Cable
  • Maggie Lea, Vice Chairman
  • Rusty Clemmons
  • Pam Ottinger
  • Susan Bowman
  • Butch Jenkins
Ex Officios
  • Kathleen Vail, ADA Coordinator 615.444.3647 Ext. 2320 Email:                      
  • Dillan Jackson, Engineer
  • Jeff Baines, Commissioner of Public Services
  • Andy Wright, City Attorney

2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design Guide

2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design Image