Senior Citizens Center

Annual Talent Show in September

Our annual talent show will be held in September. It's always a wonderful afternoon full of great entertainment and surprises. Once again, Wilson Bank & Trust will be sponsoring this event and furnishings prizes. It's impossible to judge the talent, so we will enter the names of everyone who participates in a drawing and draw five lucky winners. Remember that you don't have to sing or dance or play a musical instrument to have a talent. You can bring items that you have made or something you have written. Just be prepared to tell us about it. You have plenty of time to prepare. We look forward to seeing and hearing all of your talents.

August Donations: Betty Cantrell, Linda Johenning, Philip Craighead, Wanda Parker, Esther Alsup, Michael and Kendall Born, Butch and Mary Miller, Truist, Avoe Holt, Nancy Guethlein, Pool Room Players (Bobby Beadle), Betty Parks (Sheila Green)

Scholarship Donations: JT and Bea Harvey, Ann Floyd, Linda Johenning