Historic Lebanon

Historic Lebanon’s overall goal is to use historic preservation for economic development.  Our focus is concentrated in our Main Street area, specifically to increase tourism, entice more retail and businesses and to create a sense of place with Lebanon’s rich history and to create a market identity for the whole community.  We strive to enhance Lebanon’s quality of life and to increase our profile as a great small town. 

I have attached a photo of the tour of possibilities, 2015 Main Street stats, and info on the Historic Driving Tour. For the driving tour you can use this header: This tour highlights buildings, sites and areas which are unique to Lebanon and Wilson Co.  In all, there are twenty-eight county wide sites, many listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  The sites along the tour route are identified with a numbered sign.  Corresponding numbers are found on the tour map.

For more information please visit http://historiclebanon.com/


L to R  1st row: Jeff Porter, Mary Beard, Kathy Adams, Sarah Haston, Melanie Minter,
2nd row: Mary Margaret Farris, Pat Climer, Nathan Harris, Kim Parks, Ex. Director, Bob Black, Dan Mack, Derek Winfree, Paul Corder, Rick Bell, Mayor Philip Craighead,  and Tom Hines.

Not pictured: Mike Manous, David Pine, Melissa Wyllie, Sue Vanatta, and Tom Brashear

Lebanon uses Historic Charm to Boost Downtown Business

The Tennessee Town & City Article featured the Square with the article, Lebanon Uses Historic Charm to Boost Downtown Business. The article was featured on the Community and Rural Development Best Practices Series. Read the full article here.

Success Starts on The Square

Historic Lebanon