Welcome to the City of Lebanon Sanitation Department.

** As of Monday, January 22, 2024 sanitation pickup is on regular scheduled routes.  Extra bagged trash placed by the cart, from last week's missed routes, will be picked up by a separate truck. 
The following is general information regarding our sanitation department, including some of the most frequently asked questions.          

Department Organization
We currently have 15 full-time employees and 1 part-time employee. All of our drivers have a Class B CDL license.
Our schedule is four 10-hour days, Tuesday through Friday. Mondays are set aside for maintenance on trucks and recycling pickup.
Truck Fleet
Our truck fleet consists of 11- 25-yard side-arm transport trucks and two (2) nine-yard satellite trucks.

Carts Statistics

We pick up approximately 16,382+  residential carts per week and approximately 550 Small business. We produce 8,000 tons of Garbage per year.

  1. Mitchell Griffin

    Sanitation Manager

  2. Betsy White

    Administrative Assistant III
    Phone: 615-444-0825 ext. 5133

Customer Increase

We are experiencing an 18-20% increase in the number of customers we issue carts to (Over 450 new homes per year). We issue one 95 gallon cart to each residence or small business upon request, after a $75 cart fee is paid. In the event a small business has access to a commercial dumpster, they are not eligible for our service. In the event that one cart is not sufficient, the customer can pay the $75 additional cart fee and a second cart will be issued. 

 Rules & Guidelines 

We have Rules and Guidelines for our residential service. All small business customers must abide by our residential policies.  

1) Only put household garbage in the cart.  Please do not place any of the following in the cart:

  • No liquids (For cooking oil exception, please see "Sanitation Questions" below.)
  • No motor oil or car parts
  • No construction debris, wood, brick, metal, etc.
  • No ashes
  • No feces (Pet feces will be picked up if double bagged, so it is not hazardous to the workers.)
  • No yard waste - **Please contact the City of Lebanon Street Dept. at 615-444-0825 ext. 5100 to find out what day your area is picked up. Yard waste may also be dropped off across from 410 Park Dr. behind the Youth Baseball blue building.
  • No hazardous materials (medical waste, tires, paint, car batteries, etc.) Many items may be taken to one of the     Wilson County Convenience centers. Please check their website for times and locations.

2) Place your cart curbside (at the edge of road) by 6:00 a.m. on day of collection with wheels facing the home and a 5- foot      clearance on all sides for mechanical arm to pick up the can.

3) Do not block the can with a basketball goal, vehicle, another can, tree, utility pole or place too close to the mailbox.

4) Only trash in a City of Lebanon designated can will be picked up.

5) Remove cart so it is not visible from the street by 7:00 p.m. on your collection day. Cart may be placed beside/behind       residence or in the garage. No carts are to be left in the yard between road and residence.

6) In the event you move, please allow the cart to remain at the residence to which it has been assigned.

 Holiday Scheduling

The Sanitation Department works every holiday except July 4th, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, New Year's Day and Christmas Day. 

During the week of the holiday, trash collected on Tuesday-Thursday will be moved to the following day. Friday's collection will be picked up on Saturday. Please see the 2024 Sanitation & Recycling Schedules below.   

If you have any questions, please call 615-444-0825 ext. 5133. 

*In the event that we have inclement weather (that only lasts one day), your pickup will be moved to the following day. 

  1. Sanitation Questions

1) If I am physically unable to roll my trash can out to the street and put it back where it belongs, will the City Of Lebanon Sanitation Dept. do it for me?

 Yes, the City Of Lebanon Sanitation Department will come on your regular trash pickup day, roll your trash can out to the street, dump it in the trash truck, then return it to its original location beside your residence

*In order to receive this service, your doctor must send a letter stating you are physically unable to move your cart to the road and back. The letter must also include your name, address, and phone number. Please send the letter to:

 Betsy White at 410 Park Dr. Lebanon 37087  Fax #(615-443-2821)  or Email:

2) I am a new resident, how do I dispose of my moving boxes?

 The City of Lebanon Sanitation Department provides a one-time pick up of new resident's moving boxes. When all boxes are  unpacked and broken down, please call the office to schedule this pick up.

 Moving boxes and materials may also be taken to one of Wilson County's Convenience Centers. 

3) What do I do with cooking oil? 

  1. Pour small amounts of all used cooking oils and grease into a small sealable container once it has cooled.
  2. When the container is full, cap the container or cover it tightly, place in a bag to prevent leakage and put in garbage cart.
  3. Pour large amounts of used cooking oils into a large sealable container once it has cooled. You can mix in sand or unscented cat litter to harden.
  4. When the container is full, cap the container or cover it tightly, place in a bag to prevent leakage and put in garbage cart.
  5. Dry wipe all pots, pans, and plates before washing in sink or dishwasher. Use paper towels and wipe grease and food contents into a trash bag and seal before placing into the garbage cart.