What is an Urban Growth Boundary?
An Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) is the line that separates rural lands from lands that are planned to be developed to urban levels of density and complexity over a period of time, typically 20 years. Land inside the urban growth boundary supports urban services such as water and sewer systems, parks, schools and fire and police protection that create thriving places to live, work and play. The urban growth boundary is intended to protect farms and forests from urban sprawl and to promote the efficient use of land, public facilities and services inside the boundary.

The City of Lebanon has limited jurisdictional authority outside of our city limits but within our Urban Growth Boundary. The City of Lebanon Planning Commission reviews all subdivisions of property and rezoning applications within the Urban Growth Boundary. The UGB represents the limits of how large the City of Lebanon can grow; property within Lebanon's UGB may one day be within the City of Lebanon. A copy of the Growth Management Plan Map for Wilson County can be found on the Map page of the Planning Department's pages of the website.

The City of Lebanon cannot annex property outside our UGB without first amending the Lebanon UBG.

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