What is the process for annexation or rezoning?
Requesting a rezoning or annexation is approximately a 90-day process. A non-refundable fee is charged for all annexation and rezoning requests. The fee covers costs related to public notices and only a portion of the city staff's time. When a request for annexation or rezoning is submitted, it is first reviewed by the Planning Commission. The Planning Commission makes only a recommendation regarding the annexation or rezoning. City Council has the final say in all annexation and rezoning requests. A positive recommendation will be placed on the next available City Council agenda for consideration. Annexation and rezoning requests are adopted by ordinance and thus require two readings. In junction with the second reading, a public hearing will be held. If City Council votes for the measure at both readings, the property will be rezoned or annexed.

If the Planning Commission provides a negative recommendation to City Council, the application does not proceed to City Council unless the applicant submits a written request to be placed on the City Council agenda and continue forward with the negative recommendation.

Conditions cannot be attached to any annexation or rezoning request. For example, an ordinance rezoning a piece of property cannot eliminate certain uses permitted by right in order to make the rezoning request more acceptable or agreeable.

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