What is a Specific Plan District (SP) and what is the process for approval?
While there is no set "type" of SP zoning district, as each one is unique, there will be different levels of detail required, depending on what is to be accomplished by the SP zoning district and any distinctive site characteristics of the property for which the SP zoning district is proposed. The SP district is a zoning district, not an overlay district.

A SP district is a zoning district that promotes flexibility in the location, integration, and arrangement of land uses, buildings, structures, utilities, access, transit, parking and streets. While providing additional flexibility for the developer, the zoning district also provides greater certainty as to the resulting development.

Like other rezoning requests, a SP district is approximately a 90-day process. One of the main differences between a request for SP zoning and other zoning districts is that the SP district request includes a unique set of permitted uses, bulk regulations, etc. In essence, the applicant is creating a new zoning district.

If the City Council adopts the proposed SP district, the specific SP district replaces any zoning district regulations previously in effect for the property or land area. All uses, development activity, permits, site plans, subdivision plats, and certificates of occupancy shall conform to the standards that are established in the SP zoning district.

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