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Police Records Request

  1. Police Records Request Form

  2. Is the requestor a named party involved in the incident or accident report?*
  3. Please Select which type of record is being requested*

    Note that there can be a charge if compiling the requested information takes over an hour. Please select only what you require. 

    If you need a copy of an Accident Report please click HERE to go to the State of TN website.  LPD does not release accident reports. 

  4. The Lebanon Police Department is restricted in dissemination of Arrest Reports as well as Incident Reports that are currently under active investigation. Dissemination of Arrest Reports will require the date and court in which the case was adjudicated. 

  5. Does your incident include an arrest?*
  6. Has your case been adjudicated*
  7. By submitting this request, you attest that all information provided is accurate.

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