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LEBANON, Tenn. – The City of Lebanon will host a ceremony to formally accept the Deed of Trust Agreement for the Cairo Bend Park in Lebanon’s western corridor on Wednesday, September 2nd, at 4:00pm at the park on Cairo Bend Road near U.S. Highway 70. 

“We are thrilled with the progress that we have seen with Cairo Bend Park and are excited to officially accept this park deed,” said Mayor Bernie Ash. “Projects like these improve the quality of life for our residents and are important in helping foster more unified communities.” Cairo Bend Pic 2

Cairo Bend Park is on 16 acres of land that was proposed to be donated by Goodall Homes, one of Tennessee’s largest home builders, in October 2019. The City of Lebanon is in a public-private partnership with Goodall Homes which led the design and development efforts of this park. Goodall will be performing all site work and infrastructure, as well as installing the park’s amenities.

“Goodall Homes is proud to partner with the City of Lebanon as they continue to provide residents with the great quality of life choices that parks like this provide.”  said Daniel Stumpf, Division President of Goodall Homes Nashville South Division. 

“Cairo Bend Park has been thoughtfully designed to fulfill our promise to bring additional opportunities for recreation and wellness to the area,” said Council member Jeni Lind Brinkman. “Its location in the western corridor will encourage increased development, residential growth and community connection for residents of Ward Six.”

“Goodall Homes has been serving Lebanon residents for decades through the development of neighborhoods,” said Chris O’Neal, Goodall Homes’ Chief Business Development Officer. “We are thrilled to continue our investment in this great and prosperous community by partnering with the City to build a wonderful public amenity for residents to enjoy for years to come.” Cairo Bend pic 1

The amenities for the first park located in Ward Six will include walking trails, a playground, open green space, covered pavilions, public restrooms and nature areas. Goodall Homes and Ragan Smith & Associates broke ground on the adjacent subdivision in early June. The actual park construction will commence sometime this fall and the anticipated completion date is early Spring 2021. Rendering - Cairo Bend Park without Amphitheater

For more information regarding Cairo Bend Park, please contact William Porter, Director of Parks and Recreation, by email at

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Message from the Mayor 

 Pedestrian and Roadway Improvement Plan

The City of Lebanon is moving forward with a series of construction projects to improve several sidewalks and some of the city’s most traveled corridors. 

“We are nearing completion on some of these necessary projects and look forward to continuing our work through these improvements,” said Mayor Bernie Ash. “The continued maintenance of these popular roadways and sidewalks is important for safe and efficient travel and is vital in keeping our residents safe.” 

Many of the planned projects fall under more of the 3R categories (resurfacing, restoration, and rehabilitation). In continuation of the city’s ongoing 3R improvements, the upcoming work includes completion of Phase 6 and 7 along existing transportation corridors: 

Phase 6 construction is expected to begin later this fall and will include resurfacing and rehabilitation work on approximately 2.6 miles of road at Coles Ferry Pike from North Castle Heights Avenue to Hartmann Drive along with necessary ADA improvements. A separate project will repair the guardrail along this corridor. In addition, a section of road on Leeville Pike from Tuckers Gap Road to South Greenwood Street will also be resurfaced and minor ADA improvements will be added to the intersection at Castle Heights Avenue. 

Phase 7’s resurfacing and rehabilitation work is scheduled to start next spring on approximately 2 miles of road including North Castle Heights Avenue from West Main to Baddour Parkway, Franklin Road from South Maple to Airport Drive, and Crowell Lane from Hickory Ridge to Leeville Pike. 

“Several of these projects are accomplished using a combination of local, state and/or federal funding sources at an 80/20 split (20 percent local funds) using the Surface Transportation Block Grant. When the Engineering Department selects a project location, there are several factors that go into the process and we try to find projects that can be accomplished in a right-of-way that the City already owns so the projects can be completed safely, efficiently, and meet all necessary requirements of the funding grant,” said Regina Santana, Engineering Services Director.   

An additional 3R project focused on sidewalk improvements involves rehabilitation and updating ADA requirements for approximately 2 miles of sidewalk near the Lebanon Town Square at the following locations: both sides of Greenlawn from West Main to Hill Street, both sides of North Hatton from West Main to Hill Street, the North side of East Market from North Cumberland to Owen Street, the East side of North College Street from East Market to East High Street, the North side of University Avenue from South Maple Street to South Greenwood Street, and the North side of C. L. Manier from McGregor Street to East Baddour Parkway. 

Additional sidewalk improvements along both sides of North Tarver Avenue from Main Street to Hill Street and both sides of Greenlawn Drive are also underway. Curb ramps will be installed at the intersection of South Cumberland Street and Short Street and the intersection of South Hatton Avenue and West Spring Street to establish a proper ADA route. This project is fully funded by local funds and will start once the last two easements are received.

 The series of projects allows for many improvements to various corridors and sidewalks throughout the city including two State Industrial Access (SIA) projects, which means the State of Tennessee will participate in funding a large portion of the actual construction. Those will involve the rehabilitation of the existing corridor at Briskin Lane from Cainsville Road to Sparta Pike to add a center turn lane, curb with a gutter, and a new traffic signal at the intersection with Sparta Pike and the extension of the existing Genesco Parkway to Callis Road as a standard two-lane industrial road. There are also plans to fill the existing gap in the sidewalk network along West Main Street from West Baddour Parkway to East of Signature Place with necessary ADA improvements at the traffic signals. This particular sidewalk project is fully funded by the State of Tennessee except for the needed utility relocations.

 “These projects are designed to improve connectivity and accessibility and provide City residents with greater flexibility in their transportation options. We are excited to see so many needed projects moving forward,” said Kristen Rice, Transportation/Traffic Engineer.  

For more information regarding the planned traffic and sidewalk improvements, please contact Regina Santana by email at


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